Asset Management Plan


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Asset Management Plan

Infrastructure is inextricably linked to the economic, social and environmental advancement of a community. Municipalities own and manage nearly 60% of the public infrastructure stock in Canada. As analyzed in this asset management plan (AMP), the County of Perth’s infrastructure portfolio comprises seven distinct service areas: road network, bridges & culverts, facilities, computer systems, equipment, fleet and land improvements. Together, these assets had a total valuation of $191 million in 2016, with its road network comprising 48% of the portfolio valuation, followed by bridges & culverts at 37%.

Strategic asset management is critical in extracting the highest total value from public assets at the lowest lifecycle cost. This AMP, the county’s second following the completion of its first edition in 2013, details the state of infrastructure of the municipality’s service areas and provides asset management and financial strategies designed to facilitate its pursuit of developing an advanced asset management program and mitigate long-term funding gaps. 

Based on 2015 replacement cost, and a blend of age-based and observed data, more than 75% of the municipality’s total asset portfolio as analysed in this AMP is in very good or good condition. Less than 15% of its assets are in poor to very poor condition. Nearly 80% of the municipality’s road network, its largest asset class, is in good to very good condition (with a valuation of $72.3 million). However, more than $7.8 million of road assets are in poor condition. Further, nearly 90% of the municipality’s bridges & culverts, its second largest asset class, are in good to very good condition. Less than 1% with a replacement value of $576,000 are in poor condition. 

In order for an AMP to be effectively put into action, it must be integrated with financial planning and long-term budgeting. The development of a comprehensive financial plan will allow Perth County to identify the financial resources required for sustainable asset management based on existing asset inventories, desired levels of service, and projected growth requirements.


Current County of Perth Asset Management Plan