Citizen Rescue Award of Merit


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Citizen Rescue Award of Merit

Citizen Rescue Award of MeritThe County of Perth’s Emergency Services Citizen Rescue Award of Merit may be awarded to any citizen who performs lifesaving actions when confronted to a situation threatening the life of someone in their presence.

The incident would be within the County of Perth boundaries or to an incident where the County of Perth emergency services have responded to.

The criteria for deciding whether to recognize an individual include:

  • Ability to recognize the emergency
  • Appropriate use of knowledge i.e. (911, CPR, PAD, First Aid)
  • Willingness to intervene
  • Evidence of good judgment

Neither the outcome (successful or not) nor the degree of risk involved are criteria in the decision.

Timelines are an issue. Normally, recognition is given within 24 months of the rescue at the Perth Paramedic Services Celebration of life event.

Send a written nomination form (PDF version) outlining the facts to Perth Paramedic Services Headquarters. Please Include information concerning when, where and under what circumstances the rescue or lifesaving intervention occurred; what the rescuer (or others) did; the correct name, address and telephone number of the nominee(s).

Once approved, the Citizen Rescue Award of Merit certificate and a citation are prepared. Normally, we look for a public presentation opportunity at our Celebration of Life Event or we may present at a school assembly, or Municipal Council meeting.

Our Citizen Rescue Award of Merit recipients embody what the Royal Life Saving Society motto states “Whomsoever you see in distress, recognize in him a fellow man / Quemqunque miserum videris hominem scias”  Perth County Paramedic Services has adopted this Motto for this award.