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County County

2015-2018  Perth County Council

Perth County Council is made up of representatives from the four member municipalities within the county’s boundaries.  The head of county council is elected from amongst the council members annually, in December, by a vote at council and is known as the Warden.

County Contact Information:
Court House, 1 Huron Street, Stratford, Ontario N5A 5S4
Court House Phone: (519) 271-0531 Extension 120 (County Clerk)
Court House Fax: (519) 271-6265

2016-2017 Perth County Warden (Head of County Council)

Warden Meredith (Mert) Schneider

Personal Contact Information:
Personal Phone: 519-343-2849

Township of Perth East -

Bob McMillan (Mayor)
Personal Phone: 519-656-2839
Personal Fax: 519-656-3035 

Rhonda Ehgoetz (Deputy Mayor)
Personal Phone: 519-393-6888 

Helen Dowd (Councillor)
Personal Phone 519-595-2245

Township of Perth South -

Robert Wilhelm (Mayor)
Personal Phone: 519-225-2304
Personal Fax: 519-349-2342 

James Aitcheson (Deputy Mayor)
Personal Phone: 519-393-5298 

Municipality of West Perth -

Walter McKenzie (Mayor)
Personal Phone: 519-348-4236

Doug Eidt (Deputy Mayor)
Personal Phone: 519-348-8394 

Municipality of North Perth -

Julie Behrns (Mayor)
Personal Phone: 519-335-6198 

Doug Kellum (Deputy Mayor)
Personal Phone: 519-291-5653

Meredith (Mert) Schneider (Councillor)
Personal Phone: 519-343-2849