Member Municipalities


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Member Municipalities

The Municipality of North Perth

Town Office:

330 Wallace Ave. N.,
Listowel, N4W 1L3
Phone: (519) 291-2950
Fax: (519) 291-5611
Web Page:

Formerly: Elma Township, Town of Listowel, Wallace Township

Township of Perth East

Township Office:

P.O. Box 455, 25 Mill Street East
Milverton, Ontario. N0K 1M0
Phone:  (519) 595-2800
Fax: (519) 595-2801
Web Page:  

Formerly: North Easthope Township, South Easthope Township, Ellice Township, Village of Milverton and Mornington Township

Township of Perth South

Township Office:

3191 Road 122,
St. Pauls, N0K 1V0
Phone: (519) 271-0619
Fax: (519) 271-0647
Web Site:

Formerly: Blanshard Township and Downie Township

Municipality of West Perth

Municipal Office:

Box 609,
169 St. David Street,
Mitchell, Ont. N0K 1N0
Phone:  (519) 348-8429
Fax: (519) 348-8935
Web Site: 

Formerly: Fullarton Township, Hibbert Township, Logan Township and Town of Mitchell