Schedules of Detailed Maps


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Schedules of Detailed Maps

Please contact the Planning and Development Department if you have any questions regarding these documents. 

County of Perth Planning and Development Department
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Stratford, Ontario N5A 5S4

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pdf iconSchedule "A" - Land Plan Use 

pdf iconSchedule - A1 Maps
Village Areas
A1-1 Gowanstown  A1-7 Brunner A1-13  Nithburg
A1-2 Trowbridge A1-8 Rostock A1-14 Kirkton
A1-3 REPLACED (A6-1) A1-9 Gads Hill A1-15 Dublin
A1-4 Monkton A1-10 Wartburg A1-16 Staffa
A1-5 Newton A1-11 Sebringville    
A1-6 Millbank A1-12 REPLACED (A6-2)    
pdf iconSchedule - A2 Maps
Hamlet Areas
A2-1 Kurtzville A2-9 Kinkora A2-17  Brodhagen
A2-2 Molesworth A2-10 Amulree A2-18 Bornholm
A2-3 Britton A2-11 Lisbon A2-19 St. Columban
A2-4 Newry A2-12 Sebastopol A2-20 Cromarty
A2-5 Donegal A2-13 Avonton   A2-21 Russeldale
A2-6 Carthage A2-14 St. Pauls A2-22 Fullarton
A2-7 Hesson A2-15 Rannoch A2-23 Carlingford
A2-8 Poole A2-16 Woodham    
pdf iconSchedule - A3 and A4 Maps
Mobile Home Park Areas
A3-1 Mobile Home Park    
Urban Fringe Areas
A4-1 North of Listowel      A4-6 West of Stratford A4-11  South of St. Marys
A4-2 East of Listowel
A4-7 North of Stratford A4-12 North of Mitchell
A4-3 West of Listowel A4-8 East of Stratford A4-13 East of Mitchell
A4-4 West of Palmerston A4-9 East of St. Marys A4-14 South of Mitchell
A4-5 South of Milverton A4-10 West of St. Marys  A4-15  Southeaast of Mitchell
pdf iconSchedule - A5 and A6 Maps
Infilling Areas
A5-1 Brotherston A5-9 Lot 19, Conc. 4, Elma Ward A5-17  Dunns Bridge
A5-2 Wallace A5-10 Dorking A5-18 Science Hill
A5-3 Trecastle A5-11 North of Millbank A5-19 Prospect Hill
A5-4 West of Listowel A5-12 East of Millbank A5-20 Kennicott
A5-5 East of Listowel
(Lot 48, Conc. 1, Elma Ward)
A5-13 East of Milverton     A5-21 North of Dublin
A5-6 East of Listowel
(Lot 56, Conc. 1, Elma Ward)
A5-14 Topping    
A5-7 North of Atwood
(Lot 15, Conc. 5, Elma Ward)
A5-15 Harmony    
A5-8 North of Atwood A5-16 Conroy    
Serviced Urban Areas
A6-1 Atwood        
A6-2 Shakespeare        


pdf iconSchedule “B” - Transportation and Cultural Heritage

pdf iconSchedule “C” - Land Use Constraints