Paramedic Community Care Fund


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Paramedic Community Care Fund

Perth County Paramedic Community Care Fund: The Story

Paramedics decided to launch our, Community Caring Fund because sometimes “Hands of caring are not enough".  Our Paramedics routinely receive inquiries from grateful citizens on how they can show support and thanks for the job our Paramedics do in protecting the health and safety of our public.

Paramedics appreciate the cards and baked goods but feel that these tokens of appreciation could be better used by others in our community by "paying it forward"  so Paramedics can help more people when they are in need. Paramedics are routinely invited into people’s homes and their personal lives.  Paramedics are eyewitness to their immediate needs on a very intimate level.

Paramedics are great at treating their patients immediate medical needs as well as lending an ear for their physiological needs, but unfortunately they regularly feel helpless when we see the other needs people are struggling with.

Some examples of when our "Hands of Caring are not enough";

  • Ill patients routinely refuse to go to the hospital for continued treatment (when they need to go) because they don’t have the finances for a way back home. Sometimes they will spend the little money they do have just to return home after treatment, if we can persuade them to go.
  • When our Paramedics respond to our seniors we are aware on how they are struggling to stay in their own homes and sometimes it shows with their empty refrigerators.
  • Paramedics interact regularly with our homeless population both adults and teenagers frequently they don’t need medical attention but rather a good meal and or a cup of coffee.
  • Our Paramedics regularly see families coping with very sick children or family members and we witness the overwhelming struggles these families face as they try to continue to make a living while supporting a family member who is seriously ill.
  • Paramedics respond to visitors in our community that are in a personal crisis, sometimes they are  without a vehicle due to a car crash,  or they are at a unfamiliar hospital with no local family support.  Sometimes all they need is a coffee or a meal while they wait for their family’s assistance which can be hours away.

The Perth County Paramedics Community Caring Fund uses its donations to give back and respond to our publics needs in a pay it forward moto.  A Community that pays it forward is a community that cares, and our paramedics will be those hands that show that our community cares.

All donations to this fund are 100% eligible for a charity tax donation receipt that will be issued by the County of Perth.
Donations can be made to:

“The County of Perth Paramedic Community Care fund”
C/O Deputy Chief Cliff Eggleton (Fund Co- Chair)
1 Huron St, Stratford, ON

All Inquires 519-271-0531 or email

2015 Recent Fund Activities;

  • Support to 7 year old Evan Leversage family and their battle with his brain tumor arranging his early Christmas wish.
  • Support to Heinbuch family as they cope with their child’s Leukemia battle.      
  • Christmas baskets for 5 identified local families to help make their personal struggles a little bit merrier.  
  • Food cards, meals and coffee for those who need to know our community cares