Applications and Permits


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Permits, Applications and Forms

Some of the common permits, forms and applications are available on this page. Online forms are available in PDF format and require PDF reader software to be installed on your computer. It is recommended to use the latest version of Adobe Reader software. This software is free and available from the Adobe Website
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Please Note:
Adobe Reader will not allow you to electronically save the information you have entered into your form.
You must print a copy of the completed form before closing the file.

Always print two copies; one to keep for your records and one to submit to the County.  


Online Forms

 Package: Access to County Roads 
 Department: Public Works 
 Form(s): Application Form: Access to County Roads Permit
By-Law 2595 & Regulations
Sketches: Entrance - Residential, Farm or Field FIG. 1A & B- July 1999
Sketches: Entrance -Commercial/Industrial/Institutional FIG. 2A and 2B - July 1999


 Package: Consent Application
 Department: Planning and Development - Land Division Committee
 Form(s): Application for Consent
Application Information Sheet 
Surplus Farm Dwelling Severance - Guide for Applicants 
Surplus Farm Dwelling Severance - Farm Owner Form


 Package: Grant Application
 Department: Corporate Services - Finance (BUDGET)
 Form(s): 2017 Grant Application


 Package: Official Plan Amendment
 Department: Planning and Development
 Form(s): County of Perth OFFICIAL PLAN  
Application for Official Plan Amendment  


 Package: Road Use for Special Events
 Department: Public Works 
 Form(s): Policy for Special Events on County Roads 
Application Form: Road use for Special Events Permit 


 Package: Sign on County Road Allowance
 Department: Public Works 
 Form(s): By-Law 2541 including Schedule "A" - Regulations 
Application Form: Sign on County Road Permit 


 Package: Subdivision or Condominium Plan Approval
 Department: Planning and Development
 Form(s): County of Perth OFFICIAL PLAN 
Application for Approval of Plan of Subdivision or Condominium 


 Package: Travel Permit
 Department: Public Works 
 Form(s): Application Form: Travel Permit

Try the online Travel Permit system and receive your permit instantly!


 Package: Tree Removal
 Department: Planning and Development
 Form(s): 3557-2016 Forest Conservation By-law 
Application form: Schedule B By-law 3557-2016 Notice of Intent


 Package: Work on County Road Allowance
 Department: Public Works 
 Form(s): Application Form: Work Permit 


 Package: Electronic Funds Transfer Information
 Department: Corporate Services
 Form(s): Application Form: EFT Request