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Perth County Paramedics have a history of making Christmas a little brighter

Posted by Perth County Paramedic Services on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016

STRATFORD:  Perth County Paramedics have a history of making Christmas a little brighter for members of our community they volunteer every year to raise funds or stuff ambulances with food to give to the needy This year they have taken on a bigger challenge, along with helping our local community they are also trying to fill the Christmas wish list for a small medical clinic in the village of Tzununa Guatemala.
With 89.3 % of Tzununa population suffering from severe poverty they struggle to keep this small medical clinic supplied with medical equipment so its small staff comprising of nurse, nutritionist and the occasional doctor, can help save lives.

Perth County paramedics lead by paramedic Andree Martin who spends 2 months a year in this beautiful mountain village are collecting new and expired medical supplies that may still be useful and are much appreciated by the clinic that runs on minimal supplies to do there life saving work.

Ms. Martin who also belongs to the organization “Not Just a Tourist” which has the tag line take a suitcase save a life, this organization fills donated suitcases full of medical supplies that will be brought to a country who are in desperate need for these supplies by a tourist who is traveling in that area.  The Perth County Paramedics union CUPE donated $500.00 towards supplies for the clinic and local Hospitals have also donated expired supplies that can be used in the clinic.

Unfortunately due to government corruption in Guatemala direct donations of money to the clinic are not advisable so Ms. Martin purchases the medical supplies and delivers them in person. Next year Ms. Martin is hoping to arrange a donation from County Council of a decommissioned ambulance to be sent to this village as their sick and injured either have to walk or find the back of a pick-up truck to be taken to the closest hospital kilometers away.

Perth County Paramedics will be out this Christmas season collecting food donations for our community and as well for this special little place in Guatemala. “We really don’t know how lucky we are here in Canada with our hospitals and medical system, when I see how this clinic struggles to provide care to people I just had to stand up and help” stated Ms. Martin.

Ms. Martin has also started a go fund me page “Medical aid to Tzununa Guatemala” and is hoping to collect $1000.00 to help fill this clinics Christmas wish list, she is halfway to her goal.

“Christmas time should be a time we stop and think about others and what they may need to make the season brighter, and that is what Perth County Paramedics have done. I’m very proud of this group of individuals” Stated Deputy Chief Cliff Eggleton

Andree Martin
Primary Care Paramedic
Perth County Paramedic Services

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