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Paramedics Explore Virtual Simulation for Training Needs

Posted by Hillary Henderson on Tuesday, April 18th, 2017

STRATFORD: On April 21st 2017 Perth County Paramedic Services will be hosting one of the first Paramedic Virtual Reality (VR) competitions to be held in Canada.

The competition will place paramedic teams from across the province to compete against each other through a virtual reality environment to provide emergency medicine to virtual victims of a virtual disaster.

Perth County Paramedics Services was approached by VR Solutions to host this event to help showcase how this type of training using the VR platform can help fill in training gaps that most first responder agencies struggle with as running a large scale disaster scenarios are extremely costly and time consuming to organize.

The event will take place on Friday April 21, 2017 at Perth County Paramedic Services Headquarters at 480 Douro St. Stratford ON.

Join us for demonstrations utilizing innovative technology that will test Paramedic skills utilizing virtual scenarios and mock disaster.

Members of the media are invited for a unique look at immersive Paramedic simulation training.

Hillary Henderson
Deputy Commander
Perth County Paramedic Services
519-271-0531 x 524
Mobile 519-802-8646



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